About Us

Ever been scrolling your newsfeed and see something that gives you one of life's ah-ha moments? That's what happened to our founder, Bree Ebbinghaus. She came across a tweet from John Mayer that read, "If you're pretty you're pretty; but the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it's just congratulations about your face." This got Bree thinking about what it truly means to be pretty or beautiful.

She and her family have always practiced and believed in the merits of kindness and giving back to others. Kendall, Bree’s daughter, was born on September 11th. Due to this being a day associated with sadness across the nation, Bree and her family try to bring some sunshine to a dark day to celebrate. They do this by performing random acts of kindness. This has became a tradition for all birthdays in the Ebbinghaus household. Like the time they took coffee and bagels to the firehouse, brought sub sandwiches to the police department, or wrote thank you notes for the school custodian to name a few. Because of how rewarding Bree found giving back to others, she thought of how she could bring a touch of kindness to everyday life while encouraging others to do the same. Hence, the concept of Kind is the New Pretty was born.

Erich, Bree, and their three children, are currently supporting Kenzi’s Causes as family. Kenzi's Causes gives back to families across Colorado through multiple events such as the Holiday Toy Shoppe and Packz 4 Kidz. They also sponsor families who are in need through their Kenzi's Kidz Program. Kenzi's Causes is our Featured Partner in Kind meaning a portion of every sale goes directly to them every month!